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Floranid® Twin Permanent

Slow release fertilizers for turf

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İlpaş İlaç Tohum Fidan Üretim ve Pazarlama AŞ

Address: 29 Ekim Mh. A.Taner Kışlalı Bulvarı, Karya Rızvanoğlu Sitesi, No:25/B/8 P.K. 16120 Nilüfer, Bursa, Turkey.

Phone:   +90 (224) 224 04 02
         +90 (224) 220 14 44
Fax: +90 (224) 220 09 60
Email: ilpas@ilpas.com

16 - 7 - 15 +(2MgO + 8S) + ME

Floranid is a unique range of slow release Nitrogen fertilizer specifically designed for today's turf professionals.

As a market leader, this proven range is continually being updated to meet the changing needs of modern turf management. The Floranid range of fertilizers has been specifically developed to assist turf professionals in choosing the right fertilizers to obtain optimum results from their turf.

In the World Cup 2006, on all of the 12 stadiums, Compo Floranid turf fertilizers have been used.

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Turf and public green, golf course, Bowling, sports arena

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