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çim gübresiCompo Floranid is a premium quality slow release lawn fertilizer feeds lawns completely for up to 100 days. Basacote is a fully coated controlled release fertilizer, suitable for nurseries/planting hole.


meyve gübresi German precision in plant nutrition: Novatec fertilizer granules and water soluble salts for fertigation, nutrient salts, controlled and slow release fertilizers, Compo micronutrients


balkabağı, tarım Quality plant nutrition protucts, namely Bortilife, Zinlife, Ilpawett ve Bio - Tetrasil
 Company News:

Fertilizers with Novatec DMPP Inhibitor


The next generation fertilizers

  • German precision in plant nutrition - proven by BASF
  • Blocks the nitrogen gas emission to the atmosphere
  • Nitrates do not resolve in soil.
  • Environment friendly

İlpaş İlaç Tohum Fidan Üretim ve Pazarlama AŞ

Address: 29 Ekim Mh. A.Taner Kışlalı Bulvarı, Karya Rızvanoğlu Sitesi, No:25/B/8 P.K. 16120 Nilüfer, Bursa, Turkey.

Phone:   +90 (224) 224 04 02
         +90 (224) 220 14 44
Fax: +90 (224) 220 09 60
Email: ilpas@ilpas.com

Environment friendly pesticides, Compo fertilizers and plant nutrition products

ILPAS imports BASF's environment friendly pesticides, Compo fertilizers and markets them in Turkiye. In addition to these, our company produces plant nutrition products in its own facility.

We have started to work as the Marmara-Thrace-Black Sea Regions importer and exclusive distributor of micronutrients and fertilizers of COMPO GmbH & Co. KG (Germany) company which is a leading company in the world in plant nutrition and research and development of it has been carried on by BASF (Germany). In addition to this we have also been the Marmara, Thrace, Black Sea, Middle Anatolia and East Anatolia Regions importer and exclusive distributor of a chemical fertilizer named NovaTec which is produced by a new technology in the world and usage of which was approved by the European Union Suitability Laws in Turkiye.

Regional vendors and vendors are wanted for the Compo products. If you are interested in being a vendor in Turkiye, please contact us.

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